Innovative creative ideas and the storm chasers


You know those storm chasers?

Those crazy people who follow storms and drive into their epicentre, whooping and shouting at the thrill of it all? Well that’s how we have our innovative creative ideas. First we prepare for the storm. That means understanding our client’s needs and their brief./

It means cramming our heads with lots of relevant information – competitor activity, customer needs, positioning, pricing and branding issues. Then, and only then do we head for the storm.

The big idea

When we get there it can be a difficult place. All around is mayhem and uncertainty. It’s a challenging process for sure. Then, in a moment, all is calm. We have reached a creative answer that is so clear, so inspiring, so right, that the storm subsides and normality returns. We have the big idea. Now it’s time to execute it…. which is, of course, a whole new story.

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04/06/2016 in Brief

Creative briefs. The big question is What shape are yours?

Creative briefs. The big question is What shape are yours?   We receive creative briefs in all shapes and sizes. Inbetween believe for a designer to explore all the possibilities…
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