Creativity takes Courage... Henri Matisse Creativity takes Courage... Henri Matisse

Curiosity fuels our thinking at Inbetween. Our desire to learn and experience new things opens our minds to possibilities. This approach makes us perfect creative partners, curious minds that introduce fresh thinking and allow exciting new approaches to flow.

Creative heartbeat

The heartbeat of Inbetween is our creative team Jo, Brett, Martin and Ella. Without sounding like crazy creatives, our cuckoo pops out of her wall-mounted trap door on the hour every hour. She keeps our rhythm focused on delivering your projects on time. We think design is so much more than just problem solving. We believe design delights, educates, influences and improves lives.


Our starting point is always you, your challenges and your ambitions. In everything we do, we look for the unexpected. The original. The simple, and the delightful. That means understanding our client’s needs and their brief. It means cramming our heads with lots of relevant information. We absorb competitor activity, customer needs, positioning, pricing and branding issues.

Trusted partner

Inbetween opened our doors for the first time with just one client. Subsequently now we have a whole variety of clients with all kinds of businesses in all kinds of sectors. Besides this we continue to win new clients and continue to delight existing ones. Above all we have been creating memorable creative design and marketing, we’ve taken design risks and we’ve engaged audiences.

Rebel city

Nottingham has a history of rebellion and a true rebel spirit. Robin Hood stealing from the rich to give to the poor. Nottingham being at the centre of the Luddite rebellion and at the heart of the Chartist movement. Nottingham even hosting the start of the English Civil War on the day King Charles I flew the Royal Standard within Nottingham Castle. We are all about change.

Creative roots

Nottingham, England is home to Ice Age Art, design icon Paul Smith and some of Britain’s most influential writers– Lord Byron, D.H Lawrence, Alan Silitoe. Today, film-makers such as Shane Meadows carry the creative flag for the city. Nottingham’s creative spirit comes from the many disruptive thinkers that once called Nottingham home. It’s a rebel spirit we hold close to our hearts, and helps us look at things in a different way.

Great connections

Located in the heart of the country with fantastic transport links and easy accessibility by road, rail and air, Inbetween is easy to work with and easy to get to. Our clients visit us often. Nottingham is also a city thriving in the creative, gaming, science and tech sectors. Nottingham boasts a large tech talent pool and as a result a strong tech ecosystem makes Nottingham a real hub for the creative and digital sector. We’re proud to be at the heart of it.

From a happy client…

“Inbetween successfully interpreted our specific requirements and created an exceptional learning tool that was not only informative and engaging but fun. Our new e-learning tool translates complex information and key messages in a contemporary engaging way and has raised the profile of e-learning.”

“Inbetween’s fresh approach to visual thinking enhances the design process by offering unique creative and excellent project execution.”

Vision Express – Kath Truman

“Working with Inbetween has been an exciting and creative process seeing our ideas and ethos transformed into a website that clearly represents who we are and brings our audience closer to understanding what we can do for them.”

Jo is an extraordinarily intuitive and creative person, who has managed to encapsulate the meaning of what we are about through the use of images, colour and layout.”

Ultimate Resilience – Felicity Baker

Brands we partner

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Ready for the journey?

If you’d like to work with a full service marketing agency with an ever growing reputation for ground-breaking creativity, we’d love to work with you. Let’s start with a coffee and a chat.

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