Guaranteed sharper creative when you ask the right questions

By 06/12/2017Inspiration

Asking the right questions makes our clients think harder about their offering and what they’re looking for.

The questions you ask leads to a clearer brief. Asking questions enables us to build the elements which lead to sharper creative that always hits the nail on the head.

Nobody likes a yes man. We certainly don’t. In fact, yes men are a bit of a bug bear of ours at Inbetween. First, we’re led by a woman. Second, I like to ask lots of questions. So instead of being a yes man, I’m more of a challenge-woman.

So if you find your agency agreeing to everything you ask, ask yourself this: instead of saying yes, shouldn’t your agency be challenging at every stage to gain the clarity required to produce exceptional creative work? Yes, don’t you think?

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