Emotion led design is powerful and can win the best hearts

By 01/02/2017Emotional Response

“Since feeling is first who pays any attention to the syntax of things will never wholly kiss you” wrote E E Cummings in 1973.

It’s a sentiment close to our hearts here at Inbetween. We believe that if you can get an emotional response to a piece of visual communication, through emotion led design half the battle is won. It’s a more poetic expression of the saying “First win their hearts, and their minds will follow.”

So we aim for our readers’ hearts. We target an emotional response. We want them to feel something. It can be amazement, happiness, even fear. So long as it tugs the heart, we’ve done the first part of our job. The second part is no less important, and no less difficult. This is to answer the needs of the mind. Here we provide rational reasons to engage with your product or service. Here we enter the world of reason, logic and understanding.

We believe we need to be both emotional and rational to fully engage your audience, a right brain / left brain approach that truly can win hearts and minds.

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