Creative briefs. The big question is What shape are yours?

By 04/06/2016Brief

We receive creative briefs in all shapes and sizes. Inbetween believe for a designer to explore all the possibilities and create the best design outcomes a clear brief is the best starting point

Well written creative briefs makes it easier for the designer to come up with concepts that work first time saving you time and money. Here are some tips on how to write the perfect design brief.

Setting the scene
Introduce your company so designers can get a greater understanding of your business.

It’s all in the detail
Provide a background for the project and why your project has arisen.

Your marketplace
Describe your current marketplace, your competitors and what you want to achieve.

Your vision
Elaborate on the project elements and design deliverables.

Design effectiveness
Define what impact you want to achieve from your project to measure return on your investment.

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