Creative outcomes:

Naming and Brand identity

The Client:

Sherlock is an intelligence search engine. Powered by intelligence the search engine aims to create a global competitive advantage for businesses. Our brief was to create a Name for the brand and create a Brand Identity.

Our Approach:

Inbetween has created a brand for Sherlock offering something unique and modern to convey Intelligence, Wisdom, Searching, Answers, Future and Innovation.

It was felt that a combination of elements to include a vibrant icon combined with black typography is perfect to communicate the ‘Sherlock’ brand.

The corporate brand takes inspiration from the fictional character Sherlock Holmes who was as an inquiry agent and well known for logical reasoning. Rather like Sherlock this search engine will uncover valuable information to provide valuable answers to the questions you need to know.

The Result:

Filson font is utilised for the typographic element of the logo. Filson is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed in 2014 by French type designer Olivier Gourvat. Filson font is elegant and the design has much more personality than typical geometrics.

We have utilised Filson font as it includes some playful features such as the curvy tail on the ‘k’ which creates a nod to Sherlock’s pipe. The Filson geometric font gives us the perfect rounded ‘o’. We have created a magnify glass icon with the character ‘o’ and this is used in place of the character ‘o’ to convey searching for something.

The colour Black is serious by nature and is utilised in the Sherlock brand to convey power and intellect. Black is prestigious and symbolizes authority, strength, and elegance. The colour black affects the mind increasing the sense of potential and possibilities.

The colour Purple is vibrant and represents meanings of creativity and wisdom. Purple stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. Inquisitive humans and philosophers are often attracted to purple as it represents the future. The vibrance of purple with black lightens and brightens the brands energy.

“Inbetween present the absolute pinacle in creative services to emergant and fast moving business decision makers. From intuitive appreciation of need through complete creative brief management to delivery and application, Inbetween are the real deal!”

Darrell West
Executive Director – Sherlock