Creative outcomes: Brand Identity.

Self Help Nottingham is a unique charity supporting and promoting self-help groups. We created a friendly and positive new look, the new logo reflects vibrancy and energy while representing the emotional outcomes for users of Self Help Nottingham. We used greens – the colour of nature – as our main colour palette. This symbolises growth, harmony and connection while promoting balance, personal development, self-acceptance and compassion. People symbols portray the ‘Happy Human’ while friendly, soft curves represent the human form and inspire users to take action.

Self Help Connect UK is the new national division of Self Help Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. This a unique organisation helps create, support and promote self-help groups. Echoing the new brand we had already created for Self Help Nottingham, we both reflected and differentiated Self Help Connect UK’s national division. The logo’s colour spectrum was based on a rainbow to symbolise hope while suggesting this is a larger national division. People symbols represent an enjoyable life, while friendly soft curves inspire users to connect with the brand. The branding is flexible to appeal to decision makers, health practitioners, policy makers and users of self-help groups.