Creative outcomes: Website design & build, Brand personality creation, Banner Stand design, Infographic creation and Copywriting.

Noodle Events is a premier provider of venue design & decoration in UK. Our brief was to create a brand personality and design & build a website. We created a strong, bold, memorable brand personality for Noodle Events to engage their audiences identified as high end wedding clients and corporate business clients.

We created an innovative new website using quirky colourful images, infographics and copy. Unique memorable images such as children pretending to get married conveys childhood dreams. The images used for corporate event design such as VIP red carpet with reflective poles conveys bespoke event creation to a corporate audience. A quotation slider on the homepage “A dream is a wish the heart makes” by Walt Disney echoes the Noodle Events ethos and its creative delivery methods.

The website combines design and functionality effortlessly and is responsive to match the audience’s behaviour, environment and platform. The website build incorporates CMS for the client to update and manage the website in-house easily, social media and Google Analytics, enabling Noodle Events to measure, interpret and innovate.